Centrifugal Compressor


T2 series is the latest 2-stage compression model designed to be compact and robust with state of the art aerodynamic design and providing stable operation through Inlet guide vane. space-saving is also an advantage of this model as compared to rotary screw


TRA is the most compact 3-stage compression model of IHI. TRA series offers high energy saving , low maintenance, saving on space and easy operation compared to rotary screw compressors. After its launch in 2009, TRA series have


T3 series is the latest model which fits in the middle range between TRE and TRX series. With T3 series, IHI has been able to offer optimized specification thanks to wide range of aerodynamic design, low maintenance and easy installation for


HERTZ HPR D series compressors deliver high performance by reducing the power transfer losses with their directly-coupled motor and screw block. Operation expenses are reduced thanks to usage of the latest generation screw block and


TRE series is one of the most popular centrifugal compressors in the world and its market share is over 80% in Japan. Thanks to various aerodynamic design , low maintenance and easy installation, TRE series is the best matching compressor to customers.
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